About Grants Fishing Company

All the background on how we got started and where we are going!

  • Foundation

    Grant's Fishing Company was founded in March 2023 with a passion for fishing and a dedication to helping anglers find gear they love.

    While brainstorming what we dreamed of doing, owning our own small business Tackle Shop was what we wanted to build. We began with ecommerce in order to raise funds to have a physical store in the future.

  • Mission Statement

    At Grant's Fishing Company, our mission is to ignite and support the passion for fishing in every angler. We are dedicated to providing top-quality fishing tackle, expert advice, and exceptional customer service to enhance your fishing experience. Our commitment to fostering a vibrant fishing community and helping anglers of all levels find the gear they love drives everything we do.

  • Future Goals

    Community Engagement: participate in local festivals and events, fostering a strong connection with the fishing community. Seek out sponsorships of tournaments and youth anglers.

    Expansion and Accessibility: We are excited about our plans to build a small fishing store in central Florida. This store will serve as a welcoming hub for anglers to explore a wide range of high-quality gear and connect with fellow fishing enthusiasts.

  • Chris Grant

    Owner and CEO of Grant's Fishing Company, is a passionate angler dedicated to enhancing the fishing experience for others. With his extensive knowledge and commitment to quality, Chris leads the company in providing top-notch fishing gear and exceptional customer service.

  • Laura Stockmoe

    Owner and COO of Grant's Fishing Company, is dedicated to driving the company's mission of supporting anglers and promoting the joy of fishing. Her leadership and passion for the sport are pivotal in shaping the company's growth and community engagement efforts.