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Rapala Baits


Unleash the true potential of your fishing expeditions with the RAPALA Dives-To 06 Series, the premier choice for anglers aiming to conquer the depths. Expertly designed to target the 6-foot depth range, this crankbait features a perfected aerodynamic shape that ensures a swift descent and a stable swim, mimicking vulnerable prey. Whether you're competing in a tournament or enjoying a peaceful day on the water, the RAPALA Dives-To 06 Series promises not only to meet but exceed your expectations with its unmatched responsiveness and enticing action.

Key Features:

  • Targeted Diving Depth: Precisely engineered to reach optimal depths of 6 feet, perfect for mid-water predators.
  • Signature Wobble: Unique swimming action that creates a life-like wobble, irresistible to fish.
  • Premium Hooks: Equipped with two super sharp VMC black nickel treble hooks for a higher hook-up ratio.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of frequent use in fresh and saltwater environments.
  • Customizable Colors: Available in a variety of colors to match any water condition and fishing scenario.

Usage Tips:

  1. Perfect the Retrieve: For best results, use a steady retrieve to keep the crankbait at its designed depth. Occasional pauses and jerks can mimic injured fish and trigger strikes.
  2. Choose the Right Conditions: This crankbait excels in clear to slightly stained waters. Utilize its abilities especially during overcast days when fish are more active and likely to feed in mid-depth ranges.
  3. Maintenance Matters: After each use, ensure to rinse the crankbait in fresh water and check the hooks for sharpness. Replace hooks if necessary to maintain top performance during your next fishing adventure.



Diving Depth




Dives-To 04 (DT04)


4 feet

2 inches

5/16 oz.

Shallow ponds, creeks

Dives-To 06 (DT06)


6 feet

2 3/4 in

3/8 oz.

Lakes, rivers

Dives-To 10 (DT10)


10 feet

2 1/4 in

3/5 oz.

Deeper lakes, large rivers

Dives-To 14 (DT14)


14 feet

2 3/4 in

3/4 oz.

Deep water fishing

Dives-To 16 (DT16)


16 feet

3 1/8 in

3/4 oz.

Offshore, large bodies of water

DT04: Ideal for targeting shallow water species like bass and panfish.

DT06: Versatile for both casting and trolling in a variety of freshwater settings.

DT10: Suitable for deeper water where fish are suspended during different seasons.

DT14: Great for reaching deeper residing fish, often used in trolling.

DT16: Designed for deep water and big fish, perfect for advanced anglers targeting trophy catches.

With the RAPALA Dives-To 06 Series, every cast becomes an opportunity for a remarkable catch. Embrace the precision of its design and watch as it transforms your fishing success.

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